Our Core Services

At Ranqual Consulting Group Limited we train, coach and mentor medical laboratories, hospitals and other healthcare to establish and implement Quality Management Systems.

Our guidance on reliable Quality Management Systems propels healthcare organizations to standardization of their processes which brings about consistency, efficiency and reduced wastage & errors.

Our focus is on supporting desirous healthcare institutions in aligning their processes to international standards inorder to ensure patient’s safety & satisfaction and ultimately enable increased productivity of those organizations.

Mentorship for Accreditation and Certification

Mentorship for Accreditation & Certification to ISO standards like: a) ISO 15189 b) ISO 9001 c) ISO 17025 d) ISO 17043 e) ISO 14001, etc

Assistance preparation of External Quality Audits

We help you prepare for your external audit and achieve a favorable outcome.

Performance of Gap assessment Quality Audits

Which determines the differences (gaps) between an organization’s current QMS and the requirements of controlling criteria

Performance of Internal Quality Audits

An internal audit is an essential ingredient to securing an optimized level of productivity of a quality management system.

Electronic Quality Management System (eQMS) softwares

Provision and installation of Electronic Quality Management System (eQMS) softwares

Mentorship for Accreditation and Certification to SafeCare and JCIA

Mentorship for accreditation and certification to SafeCare and JCIA (Joint Commission International Accreditation) hospital standards.

Method validation and Verification of Samples

Provision of Method validation and verification samples.

Quality Management Systems Tools and Softwares

Provision of Easy-to-use Quality Management Systems tools and softwares

(CPD) Trainings in Quality Management Systems

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Trainings in Quality Management Systems (Online, Virtual & physical).

Third party Quality Controls

Provision of Third party Quality Control materials

Electronic Laboratory Information Systems - eLIS

Provision and installation of Electronic Laboratory Information Systems (eLIS) softwares

Calibration Services for Measuring Devices

Provision of calibration services for measuring devices e.g., thermometers, fridges, pippetes, centrifuges, etc

Quality Laboratory Equipment & Supplies

Provision of Quality Laboratory Equipment, reagents and consumables.